Consulting Guru

Consulting Guru is a unique company that guides and mentors students and young professionals through the management consulting recruiting process.

At Consulting Guru, we have brought together our international management consulting experience and used it to develop unique intellectual property in preparing for the McKinsey PST and for the case interviews in the leading consulting firms. When working with Consulting Guru, applicants receive one-on-one mentorship and are provided with an individualized service offering that prepares them for each application, that maximizes the applicant’s chances of successfully completing the recruiting process.

A career in the field of management consulting is highly prestigious due to the accelerated development timeline under which a candidate can develop core analytical, problem solving, and communication skills. Management consulting is considered to be the ultimate training ground to reach management positions throughout the business world. It therefore attracts an astounding number of applicants that bring to the profession a diverse set of backgrounds and perspectives. From the freshly minted undergraduates to the seasoned MBA and PhD holders, all share the desire to learn from the management consulting experience.