About Us

Guru Each year, tens of thousands of individuals apply for management consulting positions around the world, while only a few hundred receive placement offers.
Our firm was founded on the idea that the consulting industry could be improved.  The founders of Consulting Guru realized that the industry recruiting process is not transparent enough to give all capable applicants an equal opportunity to put their best foot forward. As a result, many candidates miss out on an amazing career opportunity, while consulting firms miss out on adding top talent to their rank and file. Consulting Guru seeks to fill this gap by preparing individuals so that they have the best chance possible to join leading management consulting firms.
Eli David, the owner and founder of Consulting Guru, has written a PST example page and has many other resources to share, assisting professionals through out the world advance with their consulting career dream.e offers have survived and excelled through a highly complex and rigorous admissions screening. This process generally includes submission of a meticulous resume and cover letter, succeeding at an extremely challenging timed analytical test, and finally, the completion of several case based interviews that test both analytical problem solving ability as well as a personality fit.  Therefore, a methodical and comprehensive preparation process is critical for a candidate’s success.