McKinsey Problem Solving Test

The McKinsey PST

The McKinsey Problem Solving Test is a case based test which consists of 26 multiple-choice questions and lasts around 60 minutes. It is based on real scenarios of McKinsey clients in order to help the company gage your ability to solve the business problems that their clients regularly face. The written test is considered to be one of the most difficult parts of the interview process.

Consulting Guru’s McKinsey Practice Test

This is why Consulting Guru has created their own, unique McKinsey Problem Solving Practice Test. With a team of PhD’s from the top universities, Consulting Guru has created a variety of practice tests designed to help you prepare for the McKinsey PST in a thorough and professional manner.

What It Takes To Become a Management Consultant

In order to get a job at McKinsey, one of the largest, most renowned and prestigious management consulting firms in the world, one has to pass through a rigorous recruiting process which is broken into 3 stages. This includes the submission of a resume and cover letter, a written test (PST) and two more rounds of interviews. McKinsey places a strong emphasis on their self designed analytical test, the McKinsey PST, which evaluates the candidates’ analytical abilities under timed conditions. Over the past few years, McKinsey discovered a strong correlation between success on the PST and a higher level of performance as a McKinsey consultant. As a result McKinsey added the Problem Solving Test phase to the recruiting process which students from top MBA programs, were previously exempt from.

How to Prepare for a Problem Solving Test

While McKinsey & Company recommends that the best way to prepare for their Problem Solving test is to take one of their practice tests, the problem is that they only have a few practice tests available (Kosher Franks, Fiji cola, etc…) which accurately reflect the level of difficulty of the actual PST.

Here at Consulting Guru you can gain full access to our database of practice questions and analytical tests to help you learn the format of the McKinsey Test. We aim higher. Our tests are slightly harder than the real PST. These tests were designed by professional researchers trained in the same pedagogical methodology adopted by the firms and are based on preparation material used by the world’s foremost business schools.

Check out our McKinsey Problem Solving Test sample in order to get a better idea of what it is all about.