Preparing Resume & Cover Letter

The selective recruiting process engages many talented applicants who compete for a very limited number of positions. For this reason, submitting an outstanding resume and cover letter is crucial for an applicant’s prospects for progressing onto addition stages in the recruiting process. At Consulting Guru, we help you prepare the documents in your application to a standard that will give you the greatest opportunity for success but one that caters to the individual demands of each firm.

The resume is the applicant’s best marketing tool. It is generally the first document recruiters see and is a single condensed page designed to contain every relevant piece of information about the applicant. Yet, not all information is relevant nor is it often presented in a succinct, clear, or relevant way. This is where the Consulting Guru can help:

  1. What goes into the resume and what stays out? The applicant’s ability to screen irrelevant information is tested using this document. It is therefore crucial to know what important components compose a resume and how they should be presented.
  2. What skill-sets need to be highlighted most and how?
  3. How many bullets should I use per job?
  4. How do I communicate non-professional experiences that demonstrate my character?
  5. What should I take credit for and how do I demonstrate my contribution if I was working as part of a larger team?

The cover letter is an opportunity for the candidate to express a unique experience, circumstance, or interest that make the candidate a unique match for the consulting firm. The cover letter also provides a forum to express one’s personality in a personal as well as professional manner.

Both of these documents need to be expressed well and fine-tuned. This and more is where Consulting Guru can help!

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