Problem Solving Tests

The testing stage determines whether the applicant has the business and analytical potential that a firm desires. Successfully passing this process will grant an applicant entry to the personal interview stage. These tests present are often the most difficult component of the application process.  For most applicants, these types of exams are unfamiliar and in addition require a lot of practice completing. With the right coaching and preparation an applicants chances of success significantly improve.

At Consulting Guru, you will have full access to our bank of simulation questions and analytical tests that will help you practice the firms’ format of examinations. This bank contains dozens of questions designed by professional researchers trained in the pedagogical methodology adopted by the firms, and are based on preparation material used by the world’s leading business schools. The bank will enable you to practice business analysis in a thorough and professional manner.

To see an example of a practice test we have created: McKinsey Problem Solving Test Sample.

If you  would like to purchase prep-tests, go to our online store for more McKinsey Practice Tests.

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