Accelerating Your Career

Working in the consulting field exposes consultants, often recent university graduates, to the decision making process of top management in large corporations. These young individuals are given the opportunity to develop extreme proficiency in data analysis and provided exposure to various types of industries well in advance of their peers. Finally, consulting offers a rare opportunity to present solutions to executive level managers and gain a glimpse into how they view from fifty thousand feet – the ins and outs of running an organization.

Daily contact with mid to senior level managers provides exposure to the behind-the-scenes operations that make the organization run smoothly.  Understanding these organizations, and the key players that make the decisions, often serves as a springboard for advancing one’s own career to other positions in the business world. Consultants often develop relationships with clients that grow over time and mature into key strategic career contacts later in life. Moreover, management consulting offers a breadth of opportunity for transitioning into other fields of interest. For example, many consultants find positions as key managers and directors of Fortune 1,000 companies, while others transition into venture capital, or start-up their own firm in an industry, that prior to consulting they had little familiarity.

Finally, consulting provides a unique social network that other professions often lack. As a general rule, the top consulting firms foster a youthful atmosphere that promotes a “work hard, play hard” mentality. These firms surround their employees with youthful, inquisitive, high energy, and highly intelligent people. The result is an environment that fosters social and professional relationships that bear fruit over the course of one’s career.