Consultant Profiles

The profile of a consultant can commonly be described using three main divisions:

Bachelor Degree Graduates

Bachelor degree graduates will usually apply for analyst positions, an entry point from which they will grow and learn about the consulting world. The majority of these candidates will be recruited during the beginning of their senior year in college. Fields of study that are most often favored due to the level of analytical thinking involved in the curriculum include economics, engineering, industrial management, life and computer sciences. Other fields however are relevant including some social sciences, law, and accounting.

Work history including summer internships, along with interesting personal experiences that reflect the required qualities in the field (excelling in studies, volunteering, resourcefulness, and so forth) will increase the candidate’s prospect for recruitment.

MBA Graduates

MBA graduates possess a combination of professional knowledge and previous work experience that make them natural candidates for consulting.  MBA graduates are largest pool of applicants from which new consultants are drawn. Moreover, for full-time positions a strong emphasis is placed on taking part in a consulting role during the MBA summer internship.

Other Professions and Staff Functions

Included in this category are lawyers, physicians, PhD graduates as well as accountants, military veterans, and other mid-level managers with corporate experience. Although these applicants are not recruited from the traditional pools of candidates their unique and often highly technical backgrounds make them highly sought after individuals.


A Common Analyst Profile

  • BA graduate in computer science / economics / law / engineering
  • High grade point average (3.6/4.0) or above
  • SAT above 1,300
  • Internship experience in high-tech / banking / engineering / or other brand name company
  • Business entrepreneurship / social involvement (student volunteering and the like)
  • Strong extracurricular activities (sports / music / dance / etc)
  • Multi – lingual

A Common Consultant/Associate Profile

  • MBA graduate and/or excelling in an advanced degree
  • Practicing professional (lawyer, engineer, accountant etc) in a leading firm
  • Staff function with executive authority for large corporation
  • Substantial business entrepreneurship / social involvement