The Recruiting Process

The recruiting process for management consulting is known to be very selective. From tens of thousands of applicants worldwide, only a few hundred are selected each year.

Most management consulting firms recruit potential candidates through on-campus presentations and online postings placed on campus career services websites. After these initial introductions that provide candidates with a high level background about the company the consulting firm will receive many applications.  It is at this point that a thorough screening and review process begins.

With most consulting companies, the recruiting processes can be broken down into 2-3 distinct stages.  These may vary slightly from firm to firm but in general they consist of a resume screen, a “pencil & paper” test that evaluates analytical ability under timed conditions, and finally, multiple personal interviews. After the resume screen, the order of stage 2 & 3 can vary from firm to firm depending on what the firm wishes to emphasize most.  Certain firms value superior analytical ability as a pre-requisite for consideration and will put this evaluation upfront.  Other firms care more about personality and communication ability and will try to first screen applicants using this evaluative tool.

McKinsey is unique in that they strongly emphasize their self designed analytical tests, which evaluates analytical ability under timed conditions. The test is referred to as the McKinsey Problem Solving Test (PST) and can be found at the following link.